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It’s been forever since I last posted. Will be getting back to a routine with the site come 2017.  Tons of new art and projects will be posted beginning in January.  Stay Tuned.

A few years back, I was hashing out concepts for some street art.  Recently I decided to take these pieces from sketch to paintings.  They are painted on basic craft paper and ready for placement at any time.

This first one is a word play using images.

See if you can figure out what it says!


So I am back after a long hiatus from the site.  I will be updating the painting section as well as the Graphics section over the next few days.  I have been busy working on new paintings for upcoming shows throughout the summer.  Stay in touch to see new things daily

I have been out of touch with the site for a long time, due to having the site up with years of content and as perfect as possible and getting hacked by losers with nothing else to do with their time.  Really!! Why hack an artists website?  What in the fuck does that prove to yourself!  That you truly are the lowest form of human!  Here I am trying to bring Beauty to the world in some way, shape or form and your response is to destroy that!  This civilization will never be at peace with itself due to cretins like you.  But thankfully the Universe creates individuals like me, who never cower, and continue stronger with every battle won against the mundane efforts of the useless.