I painted this mural back in 2009 as part of a Hell’s Kitchen Art crawl. It took a lot of legwork to raise funding from local businesses for the supplies needed, but in all honesty the neighborhood was generous, as was the management at the Skyline Hotel whose property the wall belonged to. The mural lasted 7 years without any form of grafitti or vandalism. I’d say that’s a record accomplishment, especially in NYC.

I had the kick ass pleasure of working with the internationally known street artist (ABOVE). When he was in NYC to paint 100 storefront gates in collaboration with anonymous gallery and the gate scapes project. Unfortunately; due to unforeseen circumstances he/we were not able to complete this endeavor. (FAUST) was also part of the crew.

Back in the day my studio was connected to 15mofe.com ‘s studio.  One day Heavybags asked me to paint his new studio he’s opening with P. Gwap up in Union City, NJ.  This here’s the outcome!


An old friend of mine asked me for an original commissioned piece.  Here is a time-lapse video of “EatMT”

One of our earliest releases on Warpaint Records was by the artist known as Tichi. I had the pleasure of doing the cover art for it. So I put together this little stop motion vid.

I documented this evening of our label mate “Rumble Filthskin” playing a closing set at Webster Hall against all odds.

Made a quick flash and photoshop animation for a Warpaint/Control release infomercial.